Burdened with Glorious Purpose

As an ambitious change-maker or purpose-driven business owner, you’re destined to make the world a better place. But you’re paying a HEAVY price for your ambition.

Your simple DREAM has grown into a storm that’s CONSUMING your life.

Even your BEST days are increasingly sprinkled with feeling overwhelmed, confused, cloudy, unfocused, exhausted, under-slept, workaholic’d, distracted, scattered, and unproductive. Not all at once, and not all the time, but more than you and your business have time for.

And so your PERSONAL life is lacking, your BUSINESS growth is suffering, and the two worlds are blurring together more than you (and your family) can handle.

You’re running yourself ragged and working your body and mind hard, like MACHINES, rather than nurturing them like TEAMMATES.

Awake at night, your SOUL is telling you this isn’t what you signed up for. Is this what it feels like to be burdened with glorious purpose? There HAS to be more to it than this!

And although you can’t find time to CHANGE your situation, you KNOW it’s time for that change. This simply CAN’T keep going on.

Thankfully, WORTHEE(TM) helps solve that.

We use mindful coaching, thoughtful consulting, enabling systems, useful technology/tools, carefully applied automation and outsourcing, and empowering self-paced guides to give you a refreshingly holistic way to:

  • REFORMULATE the way you think about “time”,
  • ELIMINATE what’s holding you back,
  • AUTOMATE and DELEGATE what’s slowing you down, and
  • LIBERATE your time and energy.


 Mindful Productivity(TM) Coaching

Our Mindful Productivity(TM) Coaching helps you TRANSFORM your relationship with TIME so you can spend YOURS with the greatest INTENTION, PURPOSE, and IMPACT possible.

You get personalized advice on:

  • how you THINK about it
  • how to get it back on YOUR side
  • how to understand the VALUE of it
  • how to get more IMPACT and MONEY out of it
  • and, perhaps most importantly…
  • how to USE it more MINDFULLY in your life and work

That way, you can make your dreams a reality faster and have more fun doing it!

Thoughtful Business Systems & Automation Consulting

We nourish your business with:

  • Thoughtful consulting that’s personalized for your team’s “style”
  • Enabling systems and best practices that keep you humming along but leave your team free to innovate and breathe
  • Useful technology and tools that feel right to you and your team
  • Carefully applied automation, where appropriate, so everything fits together and plays nicely (lead tracking, contact management, email marketing, ecommerce/online sales, etc.)
  • Cautious delegation (internal) and outsourcing (external), where appropriate
  • Empowering self-paced guides that allow you to step though what you feel comfortable with, on your own

 To find out how to put time back on YOUR side,
call 1-844-WORTHEE (967-8433) or
email always(at)worthee(dot)co

Time for a change? Make it WORTHEE(TM).